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Professional Resumes

professional resumes

Professional Resumes by Shaun Michels

Professional Resumes

We write professional resumes for Australian workers, managers, professionals and executives. Everyone needs a professional resume to get hired. We write compelling resumes that work. How long does it take to write a professional resume?

Our writing process takes 10 to 15 working hours from start to finish. We use a 5 stage writing process that involves prewriting, writing, revision, editing and publishing.

We create professional resumes for all occupations. The complexity of each resume may change at each level in the organisational hierarchy, so the time taken in the writing process can vary significantly.

Professional Resumes for Collar Workers

Australian workers need professional resumes that work! You need a professional resume that is easy to edit and tailor to any job for which they qualified.

Having the right type of resume is hugely important. Many workers are still running with resumes they created in high school some twenty plus years ago.

Most Australian Workers use a traditional chronological resume, passed on from a friend and relative. Again, it becomes a list of responsibilities and duties and speaks nothing of their success in their role.

Your contributions make a huge difference to the success and failure of a business. Production workers have productivity, quality, safety, and on-time delivery targets. Customer service and sales workers have KPIs and service delivery targets. Everyone has performance targets to meet, so keep a record of them.

Why now hire us to write your professional resume. We will create a powerful CV that is relevant, impressive and delivers the results you need!

Professional Resumes for Business Managers

Industry managers, supervisors and team leaders all need professional resumes that convey success in leading and managing people to achieve results.

We see resumes from managers and supervisors who list their responsibilities and duties for each job. Do you make this mistake? Australian employers and Recruiters want to know what you achieved in your role. How did you contribute? What projects did you undertake? Can you show the results of what you did? How many staff did you managed?

They want to see numbers. Showcase your measurable results.

Your professional resume must always be compelling and relevant!

Professional Resumes for Industry Professionals

If you are an industry professional like an Engineer or Accountant, you need professional resumes that show you have the tacit knowledge and functional expertise to do the job successfully. Just like any resume, you need to include quantifiable results!

Potential employers, recruiters and hiring managers want to know about your success. Did you meet your KPIs? What assigned projects have you delivered? Have you met or exceeded expectations in the delivery of outcomes? What are they? They want to know! Do you have the technical ability and personal drive to meet the challenges ahead?

Potential employers, hiring managers and recruiters want to see proven track record in delivering excellent results. Let us showcase your technical prowess!

Professional Resumes for Senior Executives

Professional resumes for Senior Executives must be first-rate. If you are a talented General Manager looking at stepping up to a C-level position, you need a professional resume that communicates the full scope of your accomplishments clearly and concisely.

You need to show how your experience aligns perfectly with the responsibilities and duties of the role. The Senior Executive Resume can take on many forms like the Chronological Resume that highlights your success, but maybe you need a Board Ready CV that focuses on your governance experience and accomplishments.

Whatever your needs, we can help you, and we will work with you to achieve excellent results!

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