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LinkedIn Profiles

linkedin profiles

LinkedIn Profiles by Shaun Michels

LinkedIn Profiles

We write LinkedIn profiles for Australian collar workers, managers, professionals and senior executives. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 430 million members! In 2015, around 87% of recruiters used LinkedIn to find quality candidates.

Do you want to be found by recruiters on LinkedIn.com? There are more than 4 million Australian members on LinkedIn. How will you standout in the crowd?

We can help you build your professional identity online and get in touch with recruiters, colleagues, and classmates. Using LinkedIn, we can help you discover new career opportunities and insights in modern recruitment practices.

We make sure your experience and passion JUMPS off the page to grab the attention of the hiring powers that be so you can yield the benefits of an excellent LinkedIn profile.

  • Create New LinkedIn Profile + Full Content + Optimisation
  • Update Existing LinkedIn Profile + Optimisation

Linkedin Talent Solutions are the “go to” products for recruiters. It is more important than ever for you to have a fully optimised LinkedIn profile. Your Linkedin profile is your opportunity to engage with recruiters and build your professional brand.

LinkedIn is for everybody! Managers, Professionals, Technicians, Trades, Health Workers, Office Workers, Sales Workers, Operators, Drivers, and more. Bottom line, if you don’t have a compelling LinkedIn profile, you will never be found on LinkedIn by recruiters. You need a compelling LinkedIn profile. You need to grow your network!

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